Lyrical Talent: #AprilJewels Mixtape Review

Posted: July 25, 2013 in HIP HOP'S NEW TALENT
Lyrical Talent

Lyrical Talent

The futuristic trapper Lyrical Talent is back at it again with a new set of music. The 23-year-old emcee from Shelby, NC, has really stepped his game up this time around and bestows honor on his name with his latest mixtape titled #Apriljewels.

L.T. displays his lyrical versatility with tracks overshadowed by themes of paper chasing, twerking, self-reflection and being jocked by haters while still providing profanity free, danceable/radio friendly tunes laced with his signature ad lib “ghaa.”

On party anthems like “Hammin,” and “Thicker,” Shelby’s own displays an energetic rhyme delivery armed by exceptional wordplay while accompanied by phenomenal production that helps bring these club bangers to life. L.T. definitely exercises the ability to keep listeners captivated. Although, heavily influenced by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, the late Tupac Shakur, T.I. and Twista, L.T. puts no limit on the style of his lyrical flow.

Just when you are about ready to write this EP off as a simplistic party joint, L.T. flips the script on the Raydo produced, “Big Boss Freestyle,” number six on the #Apriljewels mixtape. The track showcases L.T.’s lyrical expertise at its best as L.T. brags aggressively about how gifted he is on the mic, “Demon styled flow you could say I’m spitting rather hellish.”

On the SB Beats’ produced “It’s On,” L.T. spits over a mellow beat, talking to both the ladies and gents. Between L.T.’s quick-tongued, semi melodic rhyme delivery and SB Beats’ production, the track is reminiscent of that 90ish west coast meets mid-west vibe. Despite a lack of clarity at certain points throughout the track, you still can’t help but waive your hands from side to side on this one. Proving to be a stranger to repetition, L.T. flips the script once again, this time donning the hat of the storyteller on “Fedz Wife,” a track about betrayal.

L.T.’s versatility, ability to move a young crowd and drop lyrical jewels to whomever wishes to collect them, is definitely present on this mixtape despite a couple of filler tracks suffering from underdeveloped concepts. The fact that L.T. refrains from the use of profanities or the n-word in his flow is what sets him apart from majority of his peers who cease to stray away from the norm deeming #Apriljewels to be a clean, fun, refreshing EP suitable for adolescents and their parents alike.

-Monifa O. Barker

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